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Why a childminder?

Working together

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Working with parents

Childminders are perfectly placed to support the early learning and development for children of all ages. They work closely with parents to provide bespoke childcare.

Settings are small, which means children get plenty of individual attention. They build strong relationships with their childminder, so feel safe and secure. 

Childminders are regularly inspected by Ofsted, just like all childcare providers, and must meet the required standards.

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Home from home

Children are cared for in a home setting which is familiar to them and has similar rules to home. This gives a family feeling, and helps them settle in quickly and easily. 

Childminders get to know the children they care for very well. They become familiar with each child’s interests and needs, resulting in lots of positive interaction between childminder and child. Children can grow at a pace that suits them.


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Building social skills

Childminders often care for children of different ages at the same time. This means children can interact with others at different stages of development. They have the chance to learn from older children, and be role models for younger children – a great way to build social skills and boost confidence.


Please contact me if this sounds like care that would suit your child.

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